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2211 N Holmes Ave.  Idaho Falls, ID 83401  800-447-6259

Starting in a small garage across the street from its current 17,000 sq. ft. location, Rocky Mtn. Ropes is the original brand, opening its doors in early 1981, and later filing its corporate name as Cowboy Cordage Inc.

Introduced in March 2014. Our all new Series Identification System helps you quickly find the right rope for you and your roping style. This nylon/polyester blend indicator will help you compare and select the rope you need for the conditions you're facing. Watch for our series new tags to be on your next Rocky Mtn. Rope.

XX/XX Series

100/0 Series

100% Nylon. This is the original nylon rope that started it all. This rope has been a customer favorite for over 25 years. Created with 100% abrasion resistant nylon.


85/15 Series

85% Nylon / 15 % Polyester. This series will have a little more weight than our 100/0 Series. It also has a slightly deader feel with less bounce. It will moderately react to weather, being slightly stiffer in warmer temperatures, and slightly softer in colder temperatures. Average tip feel.


65/35 Series

65% Nylon / 35% Polyester. This series has a lot more weight, with less bounce and less stretch. It is more reactive to weather, being stiffer in hotter temperatures, and softer in colder temperatures. Good tip feel.

Identify your series and have confidence in your rope.

Rocky Mtn. Ropes

RoperVision is a product line of Rocky Mtn. Ropes. Please click here to learn about these hi-vis team ropes.