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Notes on Team Ropes

Common Words We Use:


Lay: how soft or stiff a rope is. Our standard choices include XS (extra soft), S (soft), MS (medium-soft), M (medium), HM (hard medium), and MH (medium hard). When comparing our ropes to other brands, we tend to be softer - so if you have an extra soft from another brand, you probably want to choose a soft or medium soft with our brands. 


Length: the length of the rope once it is finished. This may vary slightly as the wax and stretch process can alter a ropes length. We aim to be within 6 inches of our listed length. Most of our head ropes are 30' with the exception of our Gator Ropes at 32'. Most of our heel ropes are 35' in length.


Blend: the amount of nylon and poly in a rope. We have ropes that are 100% nylon and many other blends from there such as 85/15, 75/25, 65/35, and 50/50 -- with the first number being the nylon and the second number being the poly.


Nylon: the basic thread that we create our ropes from. Ropes can be 100% nylon or they may be blended with poly. Nylon is available in many colors.


Poly: a type of thread combined with nylon to create a different feel. This "poly" is polyester thread. The more poly that is added to a rope, the more reactive it is in the weather, being stiffer in the heat and softer in the winter. Poly gives rope more weight and body.


Diameter: Diameter is the thickness of the rope. Our standard size is a 3/8 scant - which is literally just a little bit smaller than 3/8 of an inch. A 3/8 true (also known as a 3/8 full) is 3/8 of an inch. The 3/8 true is the largest size we currently offer, then the 3/8 scant is the next size down. Below this, is the 3/8 super scant which is one thread smaller than the 3/8 scant. Below this is the 11/32 (of an inch) and then the 5/16 (of an inch). For team ropes, we make down to 11/32 in the adult size, but we do make the 5/16 in our junior size ropes.



Is a poly nylon blend the same as a poly rope?


No. Our poly nylon blend ropes are a blend of nylon and polyester thread whereas our poly ropes are polypropylene. These are not similar materials.


What do I need to know to order a team rope?


To order a team rope, you will need to know:

1 - what length (or if you're going to use it to head or heel)

2 - what lay (how soft or stiff you want the rope)

3 - what diameter (the diameter / size of the rope)* *although most of our ropes are only offered in one diameter now.

4 - what rope you want OR what blend you might want to try. There are some that are better for beginners as there are that are better for advanced ropers.


And of course our sales staff is always here to guide you through if you aren't sure what you need (800-447-6259). 


I would like to order something similar to the rope I have now - can you match it?


Not exactly. We don't usually know our competitors ropes that great, so whatever information you can provide definitely helps. Be prepared to let us know if you have a 3 strand or a 4 strand and then, the best way to compare a rope is by the blend - is it 100% nylon? is it a light poly blend? - this will help ensure the rope feels similar. You may be switching from bright green to purple or white to bright pink but matching the color of your rope from brand x to the color of our rope won't get you the result you want.


I have one of your ropes, how do I know what it is?


Hopefully the tail tag is still intact but we can usually sort it out based on color and strands. Our tail tags are loaded with options and the rope you have will have the options circled.

What is kick?


Kick is difficult to explain - so we are making a video and will get it posted here soon.


I cut my rope shorter - how do I tie the end?


Another good one for video - coming soon.


In this example, the other side of the tag says Eclipse so that is the name of the rope. Then, this one is an 11/32 (diameter) in XXS (double extra soft lay) and is 30' (in length).