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Notes on Poly Ropes

Do you sell coils of rope?

Yes. We sell coils of polypropylene rope only, and you can learn more about this as well as getting pricing, by visiting our coil page.


We commonly get calls for nylon rope on a coil, usually white with the red tracer. This is not one of our products and it isn't something we can order either, but it is made by New England Rope. You should be able to search the internet for a supplier or follow this link.

Where can I buy "old core" poly?

We would like to clear up some confusion and share a couple pics about what people refer to as "old core" poly ropes.


Quick History: Our Uoza brand poly ropes have been around for many, many years and a long time ago they were produced with a yellow, weighted core, called Enerl. As regulations changed over the years, the manufacturer was unable to make the Enerl core anymore (over 15 years ago). To replace this core, a silver color leaded core was created instead.


Pictures have been attached to this post to help you identify what the Enerl core looks like, and we also included pictures of a regular lead core for comparison.


Availability: The remaining coils of old core were cut, tied, and sold out. We do not have any of these ropes left to sell.

What is a treated rope / what is treat?

Let's talk about “treated” ropes. What is treat? Treat varies by manufacturer but in general is a blend of oils that the ropes are soaked in to enhance performance, durability, and body. Typically, treating a rope will also make it stiffer but this depends on the thickness of the treat.


During the “treat” process, full coils or individual ropes are submerged in a blend of oils for a short period of time and then hung up or set out to dry. The longer the rope can dry and absorb the treat, the better, however, the rope will continue to get stiffer – so getting the right balance can be tricky.


All of our calf ropes (28' length ropes) are treated. Untreated calf ropes can be ordered on request. Just opposite of this, all of our ranch ropes are untreated, but can be treated on request. We have seen a rise in treated ranch ropes over the past few years particularly in Drylon. And just like so many rope options are – it's all a personal preference for the feel of your rope.