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Notes & FAQ

Here you will find some useful information about our products as well as some questions we are often asked. This page focuses on general questions, but choose a link below for more specific product lines. As always, shoot us an email if we missed a topic you'd like to see or if you can't find the answer to your question.

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Returns for Ropes & Roping Supplies
Please check your shipment immediately upon arrival. Damaged product, shortages, and/or problems with lengths, lays, or colors, should be reported immediately. If notification is not received, products may not be eligible for return or exchange.

If you have ordered the wrong product, or are not happy with the purchase, products can be returned within 14 days of receipt (refund does not include shipping costs). Products can be exchanged for up to 30 days from receipt.

Returns for WonPads
Please check your shipment immediately upon arrival. WonPads are covered by our 7-day Money Back Guarantee. Ride the pad for 7 days and if you don’t like it, return it for a refund of the purchase price of the pad (does not include shipping costs).


Warranty for Ropes & Roping Supplies

Please call to notify us of any issues / problems you are having. We will do our best to help you over the phone, however, if we are unable to help you, or it is a problem that cannot be solved over the phone, we may ask that you send the product back to us. Ropes and roping supplies are not replaced / covered by warranty without the product being returned to our warehouse.


Returns for WonPads

Please call to notify us of any issues / problems you are having with your WonPad. Typically we request pictures to show us any trouble you are having, and if necessary, we will ask that the WonPad be returned to our warehouse here.

What is our return / warranty policy?

Another great question sent to us - what causes "popped" strands and how can I prevent them? When a strand “pops” out of place or breaks in a rope, the rope is not necessarily defective and it can happen in any style of rope. Here are a few things to consider that may cause a popped or broken strand in your rope.


We see the majority of popped and broken strands in smaller diameter, softer, 4 strand ropes. Why? Not only are there less fibers in the entire rope, but there are also less fibers per strand in a four strand rope and there are less twists in a softer rope. Popped and broken strands can still occur in a 3 strand rope, but it is much less likely. Customers who go through multiple ropes because of popped or broken strands are encouraged to choose a larger diameter or a 3 strand rope (or both) to help them get a longer life out of their rope.


Roping something fairly little and pulling the rope tight repetitively is one situation that greatly increases the chances of a popped or broken strand (or a weak spot / kink). This is very common during branding season, catching the feet time and time again and dragging them in place, as the feet are about the size and the rope will come tight in about the same place every time. During this, the rope will rub against itself (and over the burner) and this rubbing causes a breakdown of the individual threads in the strand. Once enough threads are worn down in the strand, the strand will pop out of place or break entirely.

Another situation in which a popped strand occurs is when a larger steer is roped quickly and turned around a sharp corner or stopped. This combination of speed and direction can force the rope to roll over itself pushing the strand out. Again, this is more common in a smaller diameter, 4 strand rope, for the same reasons as mentioned above.

Lastly, a popped or broken strand may occur when a rope is stored improperly. Pulling your rope out from under something or getting it caught in a trailer door, etc. may allow the rope to rub against something sharp and damage or cut the threads in one strand. Once damaged, this becomes the weak spot in the rope and it may deteriorate quickly depending on use.

Our ropes should never be used to pull trucks our of the mud, create rope swings, wrap around trees to hold steers, etc. as that is not their intended purpose. Understanding what may cause damage to your rope will help you prolong it's life – however, nobody's process is perfect. If your rope didn't seem to perform like you expected, we're always here to troubleshoot it with you. Give us a call, but understand that we will most likely need it shipped back to us for review.

Popped or Broken Strands?